The market leading DIGINTEL Cognitive Technology Platform™ is your entry into the digital world of advanced analytics.  Our DIGINTEL – IBM Watson partnership and technology assets affords you the opportunity to engage with not just any analytics, but advanced analytics built on IBM’s unparalleled Watson . A proven world-class product delivering results across the globe.

We don’t just give you the value of the Watson Engine underpinning our DIGINTEL Predictive Analytics™ for your business, in many cases a business that could neither afford it on their own nor have the time, resources, or budget to get entangled in a lengthy technical integration, we also offer DIGINTEL Analytics for Social Media™, delivering customer sentiment and the knowledge of what your customers are saying about your company, services, and products. In addition, we also provide DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks™, which is your mentor to publishing and telling your story underneath the data you discover and the insights you uncover. Our Natural Language Generating API makes your storytelling an automated experience. Finally, our DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza™ is a business ecosystem platform that improves knowledge exchange, content management, and communication for your business community and stakeholders.

Learning to make your data the lever that powers your organization can be daunting. DIGINTEL™ offers a suite of digital services dedicated to working with you and your team to realize your strategic vision. Scaling knowledge and leveraging expertise is how to out think your rivals and outperform industry norms.

DIGINTEL™ provides you with a SaaS business model, browser based, to access your information anywhere, anytime, on any device. In your secure permissions based environment, you can manually enter your data in any number of formats (in a structured or semi-structured manner) via api/email, or drag-n-drop from your desktop. And with just one-click your business insights are optimized at your fingertips.

The DIGINTEL Cognitive Technology Platform™ for Knowledge Workers is unlike anything in the market today. To learn how you, your team, group, community, company or network can leverage this exciting foray into the new digital–cognitive frontier, contact us today.


DIGINTEL - Our Company Profile

Out Think Your Rivals

DIGINTEL™ is a market-leading provider of cognitive technology. At DIGINTEL, we believe the most complex strategic business questions are best answered with facts. We are a cognitive technology company that delivers the most advanced portfolio of cognitive technologies assets to synthesize, analyze and visualize unlimited amounts of data and millions of documents to give our clients fast, fact-based insights, patterns, and new ways of thinking about business models, profitability, and innovation.  We give companies the power to make better decisions, take control of their own future, reduce complexity, and capitalize on change in today’s accelerated technology environment.

Our SaaS software platform company is obsessed with enabling our clients to out think and outperform their rivals. 

DIGINTEL™ provides businesses with the latest cognitive technology providing applications from the individual user to start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  Our cognitive platform of predictive analytic tools built on IBM’s Watson optimize operational performance, improve customer acquisition & retention, and delivers new insights to drive innovation. We are a team of people committed and dedicated to being a trusted partner delivering knowledge worker productivity and knowledge-driven solutions.


DIGINTEL – Let's Take The Journey to Your New Frontier Together


What We Value

Our Principles

Our Why

The Democratization and scaling of knowledge across a team, company, community or network. OUT THINK YOUR RIVALS!

Our How

By leading with the latest cognitive technology tools coupled with deep domain expertise in collaboration with our clients.

Our What

Offer the most advanced cognitive technology tools enabling clients to outperform their rivals and exceed their own expectations.

Customer Obsessed

We are obsessed with our unique and innovative approach to solving our customer’s most difficult and complex business problems.

Our Word

We honor our Word. INTEGRITY, provides powerful access to increased performance for individuals, teams, groups, and organizations.

Critical Thinking

Dare to be naïve. You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.


We are leaders – we accept responsibility, are radically honest, and delight in discovering new frontiers in collaboration with our clients.


A personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances & hold the ownership necessary for achieving desired results-no excuses.


We engage each other and our clients to align with our mutual agreed upon purpose in pursuit of excellence.

Our core values are the commitments we live everyday at DIGINTEL . They shape our culture and are core of how we act with each other, each client, and each stakeholder, no exceptions.. We sum them up in our commitment to you – we stand by our word – we will always make things right for our clients.


Our Unique Narrative is What Defines Us – Let’s Create Yours

In 2013, at the age of 63, DIGINTEL founder, Dan E. Silberberg, enrolled in a graduate master’s program with a degree in leadership & coaching with an emphasis on social/emotional intelligence.  A core foundation of the program was for Dan to take the journey inside to discover his purpose in the world. A deep immersion into one of his hero’s, R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller, had a profound impact leading to the formation of digintel, a market leading cognitive technology platform for knowledge workers. and so, the journey begins.

Bucky was “walking along Lake Michigan, unemployed, in debt, and a new child and winter coming, and he had disappointed people who had believed in him.  but as he walked, something happened.  he was suddenly lifted off the ground, inside a “sparkling sphere of light” and voice spoke directly to him –” You do not have the right to eliminate yourself. you do not belong to you, you belong to the universe.  the significance of you will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume you are fulfilling your significance if you apply yourself to converting all you experience to highest advantage to others. make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”

And so, at this stage of his career, Dan is looking to leave his legacy contributing to the business community enabling each person to reach their highest potential. Democratizing knowledge and scaling it across a team, group, company, community, or network to improve the lives and engagement between business, their stakeholders, and their customers is transformational.  Like Bucky, Dan wants to “make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”

As a leader, mentor, and teacher-coach, Dan is looking to build a new enterprise that provides the environment where his employees and clients have the resources, opportunity, and leadership to realize their highest potential. All of us are in the process of becoming our very best selves. We are continuous learners.

Cognitive technology is going to radically change how business is conducted. Dan’s love of neuroscience, technology, and the human spirit are converging into the DIGINTEL experience. Deploying the latest cognitive technology platform for knowledge workers brings new tools and opportunities for business to think more comprehensively, creatively, and for the greater good. For all of us, the 21st century will be defined by the choices we make. DIGINTEL’s purpose is to enable clients to make better decisions, more efficiently with superior operational and financial performance.

’’Out Think Your Rivals”



Predictive Analytics Insights

DIGINTEL’s Watson Analytics is an advanced data analysis and visualization solution guides you through analysis and discovery of your data efficiently and effectively.


Social Media Analytics

DIGINTEL’s Watson Social Media Analytics technology  delivers a holistic 360 degree view of  your market and competitors—all from millions of online sources.


DIGINEL Expert Storybooks

DIGINTEL’s Watson Analytics Expert Storybooks  – the shortcut you need to find answers in your data fast. Then, you can publish them in a visual format with your own insights.


DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza

DIGINTEL’s Intelligence Plaza is a cognitive technology platform and business ecosystem created to facilitate knowledge sharing, content management and communication. 




DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology platform helps people transform structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, new pattern recognition, and the ability to deliver expert storybooks mentoring you to interpret the results.

From single users, to start-ups, to small-to-mid-size business, to the Fortune 500. DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology platform and partners deliver a world-class ecosystem enabling competitive differentiation and market leadership.

With DIGINTEL, you have the AI platform for today’s business challenges. Uncover insights not previously known, engage with customers and your team in new ways, make better decisions more quickly, and exceed your metrics and expectations.





The world has changed. Businesses are being challenged, disrupted, and some are entering bankruptcy or disappearing altogether with increasing frequency. INFOBESITY™  is the new normal. Large-scale data gathering and analytics are quickly becoming the new arbiter of competitive differentiation to outperform industry rivals. The result? Flows of data have created new infrastructure, new businesses, new monopolies, new politics and—crucially—new economics. Digital information is unlike any previous resource. It changes the rules for markets.

Cognitive technology and its’ ecosystem is going to define the difference between winners and losers in most industries going forward. Consumer facing companies must be able to gather, extract, synthesize, and deliver the “right data”, apply predictive and social analytics that generate new insights and pattern recognition, and translate those insights into actionable results.

Great data alone isn’t enough. To be truly valuable, data has to be easy to use, available and actionable. DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology platform build on Watson’s Data Platform is designed specifically to simplify the use of data, combining self-service access, a rich environment for collaboration and a strong foundation for cognitive business. DIGINTEL’s Platform is part of an open ecosystem that facilitates and encourages innovation.

So, just to summarize: the world is open and data is the drive of growth and change. Flows of data have created new infrastructure, new businesses, new monopolies, new politics and—crucially—new economics. Digital information is unlike any previous resource – it is extracted, refined, valued, bought and sold in different ways. It is a game changer and disrupts the previously established rules for markets.


The Cognitive Era is Dawning

The world is open and the opportunities are unlimited.

An environment where  data can either overwhelm you or where analytics, discovery, and insights help us find answers to the toughest business issues and challenges.  

How can the new cognitive technologies enhance your organization to emerge to the next level and reach its ultimate potential?  In the digital world, your strategic intent can either set you back behind the competition or provide you with the tools to see what others can’t.  

DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology platform and ecosystem provide the tools that knowledge workers need to increase their productivity, improve operational performance, and deliver superior financial results. Cognitive technology, deftly deployed, will change how your people work.

Driven by our purpose to democratize knowledge and scale it across a team, group, community, network, or enterprise, we are dedicated and committed to contributing to a better working world for all.

If you are ready to take the leap into the cognitive era, we want to partner with you. DIGINTEL is ready – Let’s Connect.

“Out Think Your Rivals”™




Businesses are Dying of Thirst in an Ocean of Data”


of the world’s data was created in the last two years


of the world’s data today
is unstructured


amount of data traditional systems leverage today

Do you want solve your most complex business problems? DIGINTEL CAN HELP – LET’s TALK

DIGINTEL is a market leading cognitive technology platform that enables start-ups, small-to-mid size businesses, and the Fortune 500 to solve their most complex and difficult business problems. AI architected predictive analytics, social media analytics, natural language generated analysis and an intelligence plaza network deliver new insights and engagement. To learn more, connect with us today!

DIGINTEL Analytics & Intelligence Features

Natural Language

NLP is a way for computers to analyze, understand, and derive meaning from human language in a smart and useful way. NLP is a component of artificial intelligence (AI).

Research & Insights

Insights and Predictive Analytics solutions fuel the decisions your business users need, including a deep understanding of your customers, your business, and interactions within your market and competitive landscape.

Discover Experts

DIGINTEL’s Intelligence Plaza is a cognitive tool enabling groups, communities, networks, and companies to establish Experts at their beck and call. A proprietary taxonomy defines expertise and a robust search tool delivers the best people.

Evidence-Based Hypotheses

Predictive Analytics provides predictive outcomes based upon the evidence of collected structured or unstructured data. Cognitive technology allows for the analysis of millions of data points rather than conjecture, hunches or instinct.

Better Decisions & Outcomes

Make decisions more efficiently and effectively. The marketers who use predictive analytics outperform their counterparts who do not. Predictive analytics enables B2B marketers turn their data into valuable go-to-market sights, tactics, and strategies.

Network Engagement

When we think about  engagement, it’s about how you leverage the network and the expertise of each individual user to the greater good. Sharing knowledge, expertise, and insight drives enhanced user engagement. 

Adaptive Learning

With AI algorithms, the more data fed into the analytic tools, the more the machine can teach itself and deliver more accurate outcomes. Adaptive learning requires many iterations to maximize predictive outcomes.

Pattern Recognition

Using pattern recognition for object detection, classification, and computer vision segmentation. Pattern recognition is the process of classifying input data into objects or classes based on key features.

Scale Knowledge

Our “Why” at DIGINTEL is to democratize dan scale knowledge. The DIGINTEL platform democratizes data access to empower all employees to make data-informed decisions and turn insights into actionable actions to optimize operational and financial performance.