Your data creates a narrative. A story about where your organization has been, where it is today, and looking forward to where you want to be going in the future. For most organizations the challenge is to determine the business drivers, insights, and patterns that can have the biggest impact on driving innovation, operational performance, new markets and channels, and superior financial results.  

Our team at DIGINTEL is ready to help your organization achieve the transformation you envision and get the business benefits that get you to the next level . Let’s explore what DIGINTEL’s analytics, social media, and expert storybooks cognitive platform can to drive your strategic intent.


How Will You Put DIGINTEL to Use For You?



DIGINTEL™ cognitive technology analytics platform is agnostic. If you have data, regardless of your functional expertise or specific role, DIGINTEL™ Predictive Analytics, DIGINTEL™ Analytics for Social Media, and DIGINTEL™ Expert Storybooks will deliver new insights, patterns, and predictive outcomes.


DIGINTEL Predictive Analytics, DIGINTEL Analytics for Social Media, and DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks, and DIGINTEL Intelligence plaza  enables users to scale knowledge, identify business experts, and build a network of people committed to moving your business to the next level.

Sales Use Case

Regardless of whether you are an individual sales rep, a regional sales manager, district sales manager, national sales manager or head of global sales, the DIGINTEL™ platform is for you. Let’s see how DIGINTEL™ Analytics could transform your business effectiveness and efficiency.

Well informed, self-sufficient and knowledgeable sales teams are often the most successful sales teams. With productivity and performance being heralded a top challenge in nearly half of all B2B sales organizations, optimizing your sales team has never been more important. 

Smart-selling has been one of the biggest buzzwords of late: salespeople that are informed, able to interrogate their sales data in a flash and actively unearth their next sale from a seemingly uninterpretable stack of data are the market leaders in every market. Sales people who are leaders are best able to analyze, prioritize, and consult with customers as knowledgeable trusted advisors. It is estimated that high performers are 3.5x more likely to use analytics than under performers. 

The key to becoming these all-seeing, all-knowing experts and trusted advisors of the sales world is simple. Predictive analytics. A unique and often considered futuristic breed of cognitive technology tools, predictive analytics make use of the data created by your business every single day. By deploying DIGINTEL’ Advanced Predictive Analytics, DIGINTEL Analytics for Social Media, and DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks, these market leading cognitive tools can deliver insights, identify patterns, and point out anomalies that would previously be unknown.

Balancing new account acquisition and increasing market penetration with existent accounts is a delicate balancing act. The challenge is time vs. result of new account acquisition vs. growing the existent account through additional products, upsell, cross-sell, and new product or service innovation.  Predictive analytics can help predict the most likely outcomes and upside leverage to increasing revenue and profitability.

According to the 2015 Salesforce State-of-the Sales report, “In order to successfully deliver and track customer experience, teams must fundamentally change how they sell. Sales organizations can no longer exist in siloes — they must now connect across different departments, channels, and partners in order to have complete visibility into the customer journey. Seventy-three percent of consumers say they are likely to switch brands if a company provides inconsistent levels of service (i.e., it feels like they are dealing with a different company, instead of a different department at the same company, when they talk to a sales rep versus a service rep). Sales teams across all performance levels understand that collaborative selling is key.

Beyond having a presence across multiple channels and prioritizing human interactions, sales teams must overhaul business-as-usual processes to adapt to customers’ real-time expectations. Modern-day customers live in a culture of immediacy in which mobile has completely altered the definition of “timely” interactions. Sixty-four percent of consumers say they expect companies to interact with them in real time, and 80% say a company responding immediately when they reach out for help influences their loyalty.* However, only 29% of sales teams are currently providing a mobile app to their salespeople. Sales teams can no longer afford lag time between customers’ initiating contact and the company responding. Top-performing teams meet customers where they are, at the exact moment — or even before — they are needed. High performers are 3.8x more likely than under performers to strongly agree their company reaches out to customers proactively.

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Becoming an advanced predictive analytic sales team is table stakes into today’s competitive business environment. According to the Salesforce State-of-Sales Report, “What trends define the new era of selling? Technology-empowered and information-savvy customers now expect sales reps to be intuitive, knowledgeable, fast, and personal. The new blueprint of sales replaces product pitches with tailored customer solutions, reshapes traditional success metrics to prioritize customer experience, and overhauls business-as-usual processes with innovative technology adoption. As companies ready for the intelligent marketplace of the future, successful sales teams are arming their reps with smarter selling capabilities.”

Here are just a few examples of companies who are leading their competitors by embracing and leading their sales efforts with predictive analytics:

  • High-performing sales teams are 2.8x more likely than under performers to say their sales organizations have become much more focused on personalizing customer interactions over the past 12—18 months and 2.9x more likely than under performers to say the same about providing customers with a consistent experience
  • Top teams are empowered with the right tools to track and improve engagement. For example, high performers are 2.4x more likely than under performers to rate their team’s analytics and insights capabilities as outstanding or very good.
  • Sixty-eight percent of sales professionals say it is absolutely critical or very important to have a single view of the customer across departments/ roles. Yet, only 17% of sales teams rate their single view of the customer capabilities as outstanding.
  • High-performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely than underperformers to rate their mobile sales capabilities as outstanding or very good.

The future competitive advantage for sales teams will be intelligent capabilities like AI. High-performing teams are 3.4x more likely than underperforming teams to use artificial intelligence (AI) currently. Intelligence isn’t only a forward-looking concept. It’s already upending the traditional sales process and transforming it for the better. Today, smart tools prevent sales reps from being bogged down by inefficient processes, manual data entry, or repetitive tasks and direct their energy toward what matters.


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Your company owns vast amounts of data. DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology analytics platform provides natural language interactions, advanced analytics, and cognitive capabilities so you can understand what the data means to help you make important business decisions and move your company to the next level.

To recap, DIGINTEL Advanced Predictive Analytics, DIGINTEL Analytics For Social Media, DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks, and DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza provide the cognitive tools to “out think your rivals.”  Our tools significantly improve operational performance providing: (1) Deeper customer insights and sentiment; (2) portfolio difference between the most profitable and least profitable customers; (3) increase ability to personalize marketing messaging; (4) reduce time-to-market and increased customer responsiveness.

Start today to enjoy the unprecedented ease of use by analyzing and visualizing data as you like.