DIGINTEL Predictive Analytics - FAQ's


What sets DIGINTEL™ Cognitive Technology and Advanced Analytics Platform apart from other companies that claim to offer predictive analytics?

Numerous companies offer predictive analytics. They range from those that provide custom, one-of-a-kind algorithms and models to address very specific situations, to companies that have automated one or more of the 5 “core business steps” required to produce predictive analytic equations, to those offering highly tuned and packaged solutions.

DIGINTEL™ Analytics is different. We have automated all five steps required in a seamless analytic business process, from gathering and receiving raw data to actual output into operational systems without the need for human intervention.

And, unlike the competition, DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology platform’s automated processes are point-and-click free enabling a single analyst to create, manage and produce hundreds of individual models. The processes are also fingerprint-free, eliminating the biases of individual analysts and preserving the data, the model, and its history. This means no downtime and no loss of momentum or documentation, and ensures continuity if and when someone leaves the team.


What are the DIGINTEL™ Cognitive Technology Advanced Predictive Analytic Features?


DIGINTEL’s Watson Analytics Platform  has the potential to replace many data science roles due to its simplicity. The following four features make this business solution appealing for users who have never before been able to make predictions from data:

1. Data Source: To start making predictions, users must first give DIGINTEL data. This is done through either dragging and dropping a data set in a spreadsheet or by making a selection from a third-party source such as Twitter or Salesforce. A quick filter helps sort data sources as they’re loaded into Watson.

2. Explore: DIGINTEL automatically asks questions about the loaded data while offering charts to answer those questions. This way, users have a starting point to ask their own questions and observe how DIGINTEL visualizes the data. DIGINTEL then suggests additional ways to visualize the data and draw comparisons (e.g., pie charts, bar graphs, scatter plots, maps or word clouds). They can then be saved and pinned for later analysis.

3. Predict: When users go to make a prediction about a data set, they’re able to rename the data set and add up to five targets from its fields. A diagram gives predictive strengths and visualizations that are populated based on the user’s targets. Decision trees help guide the user through wins and losses for future actions. A data quality report also scores the information to show the data’s quality by field and outliers. This information can be saved and pinned for later analysis as well.

4. Assemble: DIGINTEL gives users the ability to organize data that’s been loaded and saved with default layouts. By organizing the data this way, users can create dashboards and infographics about the data. Within this view, users can drag and drop any visualizations they’ve saved from before. Users can also create their own templates for presenting the data any way they like.

Check out all of these dynamic tools.

  • Ad Hoc Analysis?
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)?
  • Predictive Analysis?
  • Profit Analysis?
  • Trend Indicators?
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Customizable Dashboard

What are the DIGINTEL™ Watson Capabilities?


  • Automated data discovery
  • Exploration
  • Guided predictive analytics
  • Recommended visualizations
  • Dashboard creation
  • Visual storytelling

These are all activities that business users perform on a daily basis and that DIGINTEL’s Watson Analytics can accelerate.


DIGINTEL Analytics for Social Media - FAQ's


What sets DIGINTEL™ Cognitive Technology and Social Media Analytics Platform apart from other companies that claim to offer social media analytics?

Numerous companies offer predictive analytics. There are two main types of offerings: (1) Social Point Solutions; and (2) Social Suites. They range from those that provide custom, one-of-a-kind algorithms and models to address very specific situations, to companies that offer highly tuned and packaged solutions.

DIGINTEL™ Analytics for Social Media is different. While are a point social solutions, We have the Watson AI Engine igniting our explore and discovery capabilities. In addition, our solution is an end-to-end offering architected with DIGINTEL’s Watson predictive analytics capabilities.

Our DIGINTEL solution is a collection of technology assets that analyzes social data to detect sentiment, author information, context, trends, themes, etc. Our social listening point solution is focused on analysis of social data and customer sentiment.

However, not all solutions are equal, but you already know that. Key differentiators for us include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep “Mention level” analytics enabling Topic Breakdown to assure topic accuracy, segmentation, and social relationships
  • Seamless glide to Watson Analytics to blend Social Media data and Enterprise transactional and other data to optimize outcomes
  • Immediate Topic Discovery alerting user to relevant topics, uncovering content you should be considering
  • Natural Language Queries – a platform designed for line of business users, not just expert social media analysts

What are the DIGINTEL™ Analytics for Social Media Features?

DIGINTEL’s Watson Analytics Platform  has the potential to replace many data science roles due to its simplicity. The following four features make this business solution appealing for users who have never before been able to make predictions from data:

Key features

  • Topics and suggestions
  • Themes and metrics
  • One-click analysis
  • Automatic deliverables
  • Interact with social analytics
  • Understand sentiment in detail
  • Follow suggestions to insights
  • Expand analytics horizons

What are the Differentiators of DIGINTEL™ Analytics for Social Media?


  • Understand Social Behavior
  • Machine learning & discovery delivering unbiased results
  • Customer Sentiment
  • End-to-End Solution integrating DIGINTEL’s Watson Analytics tools
  • Seamless blend social media data and enterprise transactional and 3rd party data to optimize outcomes
  • Immediate topic discovery
  • Natural Language Queries
  • Beyond social listening and monitoring
  • Enriched Discovery
  • Scans 50 million websites



DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks FAQ's


What sets DIGINTEL™ Advanced Analytics Platform Apart? – Expert Storybooks!

DIGINTEL’s Expert Storybooks technology assets give you a competitive advantage to “out think your rivals.”™ What can you do with Expert Storybooks?

DIGINTEL™ Expert Storybooks Advantages:

Use guided analytics templates

  • Storybooks have data models, analysis and visualizations focused on your specific business problem.

Get smart explanations

  • Results are explained in plain language so you can understand what you’re seeing every step of the way.

Explore samples and more

  • Sample findings are instantly available or you can add data for analysis with just one click.

Envision a solution

  • You get structured analysis and help so you can see how to apply analytics to a given problem.

What Can DIGINTEL™ Expert Storybooks Do For You?

  • Bring your data and a business problem and Expert Storybooks will find new insights and explain them.
  • Focus on understanding the most pertinent information and get help with interpreting results.
  • Communicate what you’ve learned so everyone’s ready to take action and seize new opportunities.
  • Create a dashboard so you can share your insights and tell a compelling story.

What are the DIGINTEL Predictive Analytics and Expert Storybook Features

What DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks can do for your business

Confident, straightforward analytics. Even the easiest of tools can seem complicated when you are envisioning how best to apply analytics to get the results you need. Working with DIGINTEL™ Analytics Expert Storybooks is like having your own personal analytics mentor help you through the analytics journey end to end. Simply bring your problem and data and we take care of the rest — including interpreting results. Quickly review the insights from your data and communicate it with others in your organization. It’s that simple.

Feature spotlights

Natural language dialogue

  • Engage with your data conversationally and discover new associations and insights. All you need is a desktop web browser or the mobile app for iPad.

Automated predictive analytics

  • Automatically surface what is likely driving outcomes.

One-click analysis

  • Make sense of data discoveries in one click with automatic visualizations you can use in dashboards to tell more powerful stories.

Smart data discovery

  • Find the most interesting patterns in your data based on your own words with cognitive capabilities that offer starting points and guide you to answers.

Simplified analysis

  • Quickly understand what your data is telling you with automation that does the hard work so you can spend time using new, unexpected insights to drive your business.

Accessible advanced analytics

  • Connect to data without taking on complex data refinement or preparation. Accessible advanced analytics remove complexity and time-consuming tasks while backing your decisions with data you can trust.

Self-service dashboards

  • Share your insights in a dashboard or infographic you easily build from visualizations you save during data discovery.



What are the DIGINTEL™ Expert Storybooks Capabilities?

Working with DIGINTEL™ Analytics Expert Storybooks is easy; it’s like having GPS for your analysis. All you need to do is bring your data and a business problem. Expert Storybooks take care of the rest. You get a starting point in your data and are directed to visualizations and analysis specific to your business questions that reveal answers and insights quickly.

Narratives that persuade are critical in business today. How will you construct your narrative. In the 21st century, more of the market leaders  are using cognitive computing to discover the data, statistical models, predictive analyses and interactive visualizations of greatest relevance to the narrative they’re constructing. As the expert identifies the most relevant analytics assets for the problem at hand, they may choose to build templated applications to share with other people who rely on their guidance, or whom they’re trying to persuade. DIGINTEL’s Expert Storybooks are essentially analytics playbook templates that enable organizations to make the most of data-driven expert guidance and have several capabilities: 

  • Provide prebuilt templates that offer starting points to guide users through the best practices of understanding data and communicating insights
  • Empower everyone—from individual business users to business analysts and data scientists—to focus on the drivers that matter most in a specific business domain
  • Amplify the domain expertise of subject-matter experts through the power of data science and cognitive computing
  • Offer data-driven guidance at greater depth than spreadsheets and with greater agility than embedded analytics in enterprise applications
  • Support ad hoc analysis into domain-specific data to uncover timely, functionally relevant insights
  • Deliver a unified analytics experience, enabling self-service guided discovery of the most relevant data and analytics on the Watson cloud-based platform
  • Automate the steps of data access and refinement, predictive analysis and visual storytelling
  • Enable users to connect their own data to get to insights rapidly
  • Identify and explain hidden patterns and relationships to accelerate understanding of why things happened and what’s likely to happen
  • Leverage natural-language dialogues for asking the right questions and getting results in the familiar terms of a business



Single User
Small Business

Mid Size Business


Who Is the DIGINTEL™ Cognitive Technology Platform For?

Our DIGINTEL™ Cognitive Technology Platform for Knowledge Workers™ is agnostic regardless whether you are an individual, team, group, community, network or small, mid-size, or enterprise size business.

At DIGINTEL™ our mission is to democratize knowledge and scale it across all stakeholders in your ecosystem. If you have data that you want to explore and discover new insights, patterns, business drivers or anomalies, then our cognitive technology assets – DIGINTEL Advanced Predictive Analytics™, DIGINTEL Analytics for Social Media™, or DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks™ will significantly increase your competitiveness, drive innovation, and significantly increase operational and financial performance.

If you are an individual or business consultant, you will be able to deliver insights and position yourself as a trusted advisor that will distinguish you from your competitors.

If you are small business you are competing with mid-size and larger businesses. Our cognitive tools will provide capabilities that democratize and equalize the consultative capabilities of your larger competitors

If you are a mid-size business, one of your biggest challenges is how you move your business to the next level.  The DIGINTEL Cognitive Technology Platform™ provides you the capability to leverage your greatest asset – your people. There is no telling where the best insights, ideas, and innovation may come from within your company.  Our tools give everyone the chance to deliver.

If you are an enterprise, one of the biggest challenges is the speed at which smaller competitors are innovating and getting to market. The DIGINTEL Cognitive Technology Platform™ and the DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza™ provides the capabilities to better target new product or service introductions, enhance brand loyalty and discover customer sentiment, and deploy our intelligence plaza to better expose the expertise of all of your employees, vendors, and stakeholders.



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