Your data creates a narrative. A story about where your organization has been, where it is today, and looking forward to where you want to be going in the future. For most organizations the challenge is to determine the business drivers, insights, and patterns that can have the biggest impact on driving innovation, operational performance, new markets and channels, and superior financial results.

Our team at DIGINTEL is ready to help your organization achieve the transformation you envision and get the business benefits that get you to the next level. Let’s explore what DIGINTEL’s analytics, social media, and expert storybooks cognitive platform can to drive your strategic intent.


How Will You Put DIGINTEL to Use For You?



The companies finance departments, including CFO, Controller, Auditor, Finance & Planning, /P, A/R and Treasury to name a few of the knowledge workers who can benefit from the DIGINTEL™ cognitive technology platform.


The DIGINTEL™ Cognitive Technology Platform – DIGINTEL Predictive Analytics, DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks, and DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza.


Possible use cases for DIGINTEL™ in financial services include, fraud detection, ROI analysis, pricing strategies, revenue optimization by segment, market, client, profitability analysis by product, customer, region, and revenue forecasting.


The pace of technology acceleration and the massive amount of data increasing exponentially, most business understand that they can no longer operate in a data-driven environment without deploying predictive analytics to aggregate, synthesize, interpret and analyze their data collection into actionable insights that drive operational and financial performance.

The analytics that many companies use are slow, maybe even still be done on spread sheets and require many hours to collect and run.  Spreadsheets cannot handle the scale of data required to remain relevant. Massive data spread across disparate silos of information inhibits companies from making decisions with the focus and speed required to compete in an increasingly darwinian marketplace.

The challenge, therefore, is for companies is to turn this data into business value –specific decisions and actions that can optimize business operations across the enterprise quickly and efficiently. To compete, solutions must continuously evolve and improve, requiring thousands of iterations, and the analytic output must tie directly into strategic intents and tactical initiatives to be effective.

DIGINTEL’s Cognitive Technology Platform transforms a manual, spreadsheet driven environment into an AI engine that can provide new insights, discover patterns, and identify anomalies that were not previously known.  Organization that are overwhelmed in data can now leverage and harness that data to optimize operational performance and increase top line revenues.

DIGINTEL’s Cognitive Technology Platform and Advanced Predictive Analytics and Expert Storybooks assets offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. The DIGINTEL platform is a smart data exploration and  discovery SaaS tool browser based and available on the cloud. Upload your data and our AI Watson built engine guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation. With Watson Analytics you can get answers and new insights to make confident decisions in minutes. Natural Language Programming means you can ask any question and receive valuable insights in minutes all on your own.

Having the right advanced predictive analytics and cognitive tools  allows the finance employees to ask any number of questions which will drive significant operational improvement and financial results,  including:

  • Who are my most profitable and least profitable customers?
  • What are the best and worst selling products to optimize product portfolio?
  • What are the determinants that fraud is evident?
  • Where is the optimum price to balance revenue saturation with optimum profit realization?






Your company owns vast amounts of data. DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology analytics platform provides natural language interactions, advanced analytics, and cognitive capabilities so you can understand what the data means to help you make important business decisions and move your company to the next level.

Start today to enjoy the unprecedented ease of use by analyzing and visualizing data as you like.