DIGINTEL launches cognitive technology platform for knowledge workers

``Out Think Your Rivals``

DIGINTEL Inc. launched it cognitive technology platform for knowledge workers on October 1, 2017. The DIGINTEL platform is AI architected and a portfolio of technology assets including:  predictive analytics, social media analytics, and expert storybooks – an application to publish analytic stories and pattern recognition for stakeholders.


DIGINTEL's Cognitive Technology Platform – Improve Operational & Financial Performance

``Out Think Your Rivals``

DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology platform is built to inform, educate, and connect a dynamic network of knowledge workers. The increase in technologies and the speed that they are advancing brings with it a tsunami of data and information.

The Digintel Intelligent Platform™ virtual assistant and smart visualization search engine act as a filter delivering knowledge workers the most personalized, highly relevant insights, analysis and thought leadership.

DIGINTEL is the 1st Cognitive Technology Platform for Knowledge Workers. Digintel deploys the latest technology for knowledge management, predictive analytics, and a knowledge plaza profiling the communities expertise, institutional knowledge, and collaboration for all knowledge workers and senior executives looking to drive innovation and enable better decision making in real-time. We enable our clients to seize opportunities and mitigate the threats that are emerging from globalization, acceleration of technology, and the commoditization of product and services resulting from disruptive technologies.

DIGINTEL is the cognitive technology platform for Knowledge Workers.