``Out Think Your Rivals``

DIGINTEL’s technology assets enable companies to scale knowledge and out perform their competitors.

DIGINTEL helps start-ups, small-to-midsize businesses and Fortune 500 companies engage employees to discover new insights from data to drive innovation, make better decisions on a more timely basis, and enhance the customer experience.

Predictive Analytics

Smart data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities enable you to interact with data conversationally. Watson Analytics has you covered.

Predictive Analytics

Social Analytics

Social media analytics technology that helps you achieve a holistic view of consumers, your market and competitors—all from millions of online sources.

Social Media Analytics

Strategic Insights

Get business insights in minutes. Spot business trends and patterns easily on your desktop or iPad with automatic data visualization and guided analysis.

Predictive Analytics

Intelligence Plaza

Relevant information comes to you, regardless of where it was created. Our advanced semantic search and taxonomy filters also make it easy to find, even years from now.

Intelligence Plaza

Expert Storybooks

Expert Storybooks is like having your own personal analytics mentor help you through the analytics journey end to end. Simply bring your problem and data and we take care of the rest — including interpreting results.

Expert Storybooks

Data Science

A do it for you service to define, model, and deliver insights, patterns, and outcomes to solve your  most pressing and complex problems. If you are looking to transform your company, this is for you.

Predictive Analytics

Training & Support

Watson Analytics training delivers cloud-based guided of a analytics, data visualization and the predictive analytics that make the understanding data easier. Quickly discover patterns and a meaning in your data – all on the your own.

Customer Support

App Configuration

DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza comes equipped with rich content and built-in communication features. The flexibility of the platform means you can pick only the features you want, update terminology to match your business, easily configure privacy, and customize what each role has access to on your homepage.

Customer Support

DIGINTEL Predictive Analytics Can  Transform Your Business

We launched the DIGINTEL™ cognitive technology platform with predictive analytics, analytics for social media, and expert storybooks enabling knowledge workers to unleash new insights, discover business drivers, and make better fact-based decisions that companies can take to optimize operations and financial performance.

DIGINTEL enables  better decisions making more efficiently from our proprietary algorithms, not assumptions, tribal knowledge or hunches.

Our simple yet powerful predictive analytics solutions enable you to ask vital questions of your data in order to predict the most likely outcome, enabling you to react more quickly and responsive to your stakeholders. No data scientist required.

Accurate Customer Sentiment with Social Media Analytics

We launched our DIGINTEL™ cognitive technology platform with social media analytics because it unleashes new insights companies can take to better communicate with customers, increase personalization, and drive targeted marketing communications. DIGINTEL enables  better decisions making based on factual data, not assumptions, tribal knowledge or hunches.

Our simple yet powerful social media analytics solutions enable you to ask vital questions of your data or to conduct competitive intelligence on your competition. No data scientist required.

The Analytics shortcut you Need to Find Answers Fast

Get confident, straightforward analysis. Simply bring your problem and data and we take care of the rest—including interpreting results. We can develop expert storybooks around predictive analytics, social media analytics, and industry trends on a project basis. Our experts are ready to provide you with game changing insights and go-to-market strategic intent.

Get Intelligence. Get Answers. Find Experts. DIGINTEL

Our SmartMatchPro™ algorithm calculates relevance and connects people based on their shared interests and suggests content associated with their specific interests and know-how. The architecture supports multiple levels of access rights hosted in a secure private cloud.

You can create your own Business Knowledge Ecosystem in order to foster fresh ideas, solving problems, while creating bonds for your customers and stakeholders.

And that is what will make you invincible.

What can you do with Expert Storybooks?

Working with DIGINTEL™ Analytics Expert Storybooks is like having your own personal analytics mentor help you through the analytics journey. You can quickly and easily review the insights from your data and communicate it with others in your organization. It’s that simple.

Looking for a Data Scientist for a Project – We Can Help

If you have a particularly complex and vexing problem that requires advanced Data Scientist skills, we can provide an out-sourced capability to match you with a scientist that can deliver.  Contact us for more information.


The DIGINTEL™ cognitive technology platform provides world-class training to end-users with hands-on demos and real world experience in partnership with IBM, experts & technical trainers. Our mission is to enable every individual to gain insights that drive innovation and optimize performance and financial results. Inquire about DIGINTEL classes that answers your  questions, and ramp your effectiveness. Contact us for the classes  currently offered.  


The DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza™ comes equipped with rich content and built-in communication features. The flexibility of the platform means you can pick only the features you want, update terminology to match your business, easily configure privacy, and customize what each role has access to on your homepage.




Shopper Insights

DIGINTEL™ enables our client to convert shoppers into buyers in-store and on-line by identifying shopper needs, underlying motivations, behaviors, and triggers across the increasingly complex omnichannel path to purchase.

Done For You Insights

Done-For-You Analytics

DIGINTEL™ provides a done-for-you service of exploring, discovering, and delivering actionable insights that shape your go-to-market strategy, identify new business models, new channel opportunities, and improving operational and financial performance

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

DIGINTEL™ Analytics gives retailer the insight needed to understand each of your customers as an individual – a customer master hub, visibility into each customer’s transaction and interactions with you as a retailer – a customer transaction repository, and information on each customer’s activities and interactions, with others – a customer activity repository.



DIGINTEL™ helps improve our client’s performance whether physical brick-and-mortar or ecommerce through better access to real time information aligning with retailer brand and shopping objectives, better decision making, and improved operational and financial performance outcomes.

Analytical Reporting

Analytical Reporting

DIGINTEL™ cognitive analytical tools incorporates the ability to publish daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports in both visualization and narrative formats to all stakeholders (e.g. a monthly inventory loss report to all category managers, store managers, and senior management). Our advanced analytic tools provide deep insights into repeatable insights that drive increased net profits.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

DIGINTEL™ Predictive Analytics enables optimized inventory planning based on insight into the drivers of buying behavior for each channel, location, and product category, delivering higher turns and margins, near0real-time visibility to inventory, purchase and customer order status, and available-to-promise, and omnichannel distribution and fulfillment.

Trade Promotions

Trade Promotions

In a time of declining consumer loyalty and increased competition from emerging competitors and private label brands, consumer goods brands are focused on improving operational performance, net profit margins and growing sales volume. Trade promotion, or the marketing operations funded by consumer goods companies and executed at retail, offer the unique opportunity for CPG manufacturers to market directly to consumers. 

DIGINTEL™ enables our client to unleash the power of our cognitive technology platform and advanced analytics to transform insights into actionable strategies and tactics to drive exponential sales, customer engagement, and brand enhancement. 

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

DIGINTEL™ Social Media Analytics provides deep insights and customer sentiment. Your 360 degree view of what customers are saying enable retailers to tailor offerings, drive new product innovation, and engage customers increasing purchasing patterns and loyalty.

DIGINTEL™ Analytics for Social Media guides you through the traffic of social networks and automatically creates data visualizations for exceptionally insightful discoveries, all on the cloud. Identify a topic and quickly get relevant content that shows you interesting relationships and patterns. You can easily take the pulse of your audience, gain greater visibility into a topic or market and compare results with other data sources for new insights derived from different views of information.

Merchandising Assortment

Merch. Assortment

DIGINTEL Analytics unleashes today’s consumer-insight-based planning and analytical solutions enhancing core merchandising systems, making it possible to blend art— experience, taste and judgment—with science. Advanced analytics can drive a deeper understanding of buying propensity and the drivers of demand, so that you can determine the most desirable and profitable products, touchpoints, locations, events and promotions. 

Cognitive capabilities can make systems much more intelligent, driving deeper understanding and finding hidden patterns. And new kinds of hyper-local data, such as weather, traffic, news, events, and even localized social buzz, can now be leveraged in an efficient way to align assortments and inventories with pinpoint demand fluctuations.





At DIGINTEL we are committed to delivering results. Analytics isn’t just a one-time exercise – it should be scaled on every desktop in your company and leveraged by your people in real-time anytime, anywhere, on any device. There isn’t a functional knowledge worker who won’t realize significant value from our cognitive technology analytic applications.

From strategy to done for your projects, we deliver solutions that incorporate analytics into your everyday thinking to help you gain a competitive advantage to outthink your rivals. Our platform provides the tools and insights to deliver new insights, business drivers, and better decision making. DIGINTEL knows how to deliver cognitive technology solutions to solve your biggest analytic challenges.

The DIGINTEL cognitive technology platform assets include predictive analytics, Analytics for Social Media, Expert Storybooks, and our SmartMatchPro Intelligence Plaza.

Are you ready to embrace analytics but don’t know where to start? No problem. DIGINTEL’s advisory services and done for you projects provide the necessary scaffolding to create your unique transformation plan or strategic roadmap.