Analytic Insights Drive Superior Operational and Financial Results

Your data creates a narrative. A story about where your organization has been, where it is today, and looking forward to where you want to be going in the future. For most organizations the challenge is to determine the business drivers, insights, and patterns that can have the biggest impact on driving innovation, operational performance, new markets and channels, and superior financial results.

Our team at DIGINTEL is ready to help your organization achieve the transformation you envision and get the business benefits that get you to the next level. Let’s explore what DIGINTEL’s analytics, social media, and expert storybooks cognitive platform can to drive your strategic intent.


How Will You Put DIGINTEL to Use For You?



DIGINTEL cognitive technology analytics platform is agnostic. If you have data, regardless of your functional expertise or specific role, Digintel Predictive Analytics, Digintel Analytics for Social Media, and Digintel Expert Storybooks will deliver new insights, patterns, and predictive outcomes.


DIGINTEL Predictive Analytics, DIGINTEL Analytics for Social Media, and DIGINTEL Expert Storybooks, and DIGINTEL Intelligence plaza  enables users to scale knowledge, identify business experts, and build a network of people committed to moving your business to the next level.


Regardless of whether you are an individual sales rep, a regional sales manager, district sales manager, national sales manager or head of global sales, the DIGINTEL platform is for you. Let’s see how DIGINTEL Analytics could transform your business effectiveness and efficiency.

Sales teams are confronted with a plethora of challenges, including but not limited to:(1) lack of visibility into the constant changes in the market: (2) inability to prioritize the most promising opportunities; (3) determining which content type is most valuable to a potential client; (4) traversing a complex organization with multiple buyer decisions required; and (5) improving contact to conversion with shortened cycles from initiation of contact to purchase, to name a few.

Even with the implementation of sophisticated CRM platforms, predicting which sales are most likely to close and in what time frame is still based on cognitive biases, not selling to “no”, and not having reliable feedback from the potential buyer.

The DIGINTEL™ cognitive technology platform including our Predictive Analytics, Analytics for Social Media, Expert Storybooks, and Intelligence Plaza provide sales people the ability to better predict outcomes, make better decisions more quickly, and enhance the customer journey  being more responsive with more effective information:

  1. Be more effective and responsive to client during the discovery stage
    • Identifying anomalies, insights, and patterns that have yielded the most successful outcomes
    • Determine which variables in previous sales cycles and outcomes that were similar to capitalize on personalizing the marketing message
    • Identifying new markets, channel, and customers that may have been previously overlooked as not relevant
  2. Prioritize Accounts provided by new patterns and insights within your market, channels, or geographies:
    • Developing key qualifying questions to determine timing, budget, scope of problems to be solved.
    • Personalizing key messages based upon likelihood of relevancy
  3.  Research and develop target content conversation
    • Using DIGINTEL Analytics for Social Media you can lead generate personalized insights and identified pain points
    • Personalized marketing and email campaigns target to specific problems to be solved
  4. Investigate what vendors, customers, and stakeholders are saying about a prospective client
    • over 50 million websites are searched and topics and issues are refined to succinctly identify areas of customer’s shortfalls to their customer base
    • explore and discover insights that will drive better decisions to increase top line revenue, focus product innovation on what customer really want, manage brand discussion outside the 4 walls of the company.
  5. Enhance strategic intent and tactical initiatives
    •  “Fact-based” analytics, replace tribal knowledge, hunches, and “this is how we’ve always done it” defaults
    • Prioritize leads that are most likely to close and drive profitable revenue

The DIGINTEL™ cognitive technology platform can significantly improve operational and financial performance. Ways in which this happens: (1) improves new business opportunities from point of contact to close; (2) identifies new channels, markets, and geographies that may have not been targeted; (3) identifies new consumer trends; (4) provides new insights that can increase the likelihood of product/market fit and shortened innovation cycles; and (5) and drive top line growth through assortment optimization or products or services.


DIGINTEL Predictive Analytics

DIGINTEL Analytics for
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Your company owns vast amounts of data. DIGINTEL’s cognitive technology analytics platform provides natural language interactions, advanced analytics, and cognitive capabilities so you can understand what the data means to help you make important business decisions and move your company to the next level.

Start today to enjoy the unprecedented ease of use by analyzing and visualizing data as you like.