What Is SmartMatchPro?

SmartMatchPro™ is our proprietary algorithm which makes smart matches possible by suggesting people and content relevant to you, using a mix of industry expertise and experience, personal interests, geography or community engagement. The architecture supports multiple levels of access rights hosted in a secure private cloud.

DIGINTEL’s proprietary SmartMatchPro™ algorithm and its infrastructure enable you to identify experts, easily connect with people with shared interests, get answers quickly, discover relevant information and content, and foster new ideas. The platform is hosted in a secure private cloud and supports multiple levels of access rights to enable effective and easy collaboration.

DIGINTEL’s Intelligence Plaza is very intuitive in its way to help a member get an answer to a query and we have developed mechanisms which make it very simple to share news, interesting content, documents, and to find it later.


Discover People & Content


SmartMatchPro creates dynamic Relevance Scores that highlight members and content matching your interest as you browse. Our proprietary algorithm does not reward number of responses or gaming the system. Rather, the algorithm ranks relevance – number of views of a response, sharing the response with other network members, and how many other people forward the information to others in the network.



SmartMatchPro combines industry knowledge, expertise, and know-how with Expert Ranking to find and promote experts in your network.  Our proprietary algorithm ranks each member not by how many responses they make. Rather, ranking is determined by relevancy – number of responses, number of views, number of likes, and number of shares. No gaming of the system.

Rank Knowledge Sharing


Your Questions Answered


Even before a question is posted, SmartMatchPro starts working for you by Suggesting Answers that already exist in the platform. You can review suggestions to see if they meet your requirements.  If not, continue to refine your search using natural language programming or you can post your question to the network for other experts to respond.



SmartMatchPro enables companies to reach out to the right people by utilizing Targeted Promotion of products and services. By setting up a network for all stakeholders, the DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza enable you to collect the data that can be personalized and customized to maximize relevancy, enhance brand equity, and maximize operational and financial performance across the enterprise.

Reach The Right People


Career Advancement


SmartMatchPro finds the right person for each job listing based on the area of expertise required and promotes Career Opportunities to target members. If you are looking to join a team, community, or organization DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza is the network to mine.  Likewise, if you or your company are looking to fill a position with the best possible candidate, the network or community is a great place to start.


Expert Matching


Open Knowledge

Member Ranking


DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza

Get Intelligence. Get Answers. Get DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza

DIGINTEL Intelligence Plaza is a flexible platform, delivered in two options: DIGINTEL Intelligence Community or DIGINTEL Intelligence Network. Start fast with one Community or multiple teams and link them into one Network with ease as you grow.



What do we value?

The benefits that our software offers are primarily on an individual level, personalized with SmartMatchPro™, visually clear and impressive.

Your team!
The focus here is knowledge. What if you need a person to organize an event, and you found out that Mary from HR has experience in this? Would you still outsource the task? Your employees have many hobbies and tons of past experience, but you might not know that. That’s why knowledge needs to be mapped.

Your Community or Network!
We’ve created our platform to be really easy to set up, without any tech support. We are very proud of our open platform and easily customizable and specialized features:  autotagging, custom taxonomies APIs and platform layout.
If you would like to find out more about our reinvented collaboration software and knowledge networks, contact us – dan@digintel.net