Welcome To The Cognitive Era

                                                                          A New Era of Technology
                                                                          A New Era of Business
                                                                          A New Era of Learning & Reasoning

Anytime such a massive, disruptive change materializes, fortunes are made, industries are disrupted and the world changes forever. For all knowledge workers, whether and individual, group, team, community, network, or enterprise, it’s all about turning your data into new insights to drive growth, engagement, and innovation to out think your rivals.

The cognitive era on the other hand is about thinking itself – how we gather information, access it and make decisions. Cognitive-based systems build knowledge and learn, understand natural language, and reason and interact more naturally with human beings than traditional programmable systems. The term “reasoning” refers to how cognitive systems demonstrate insights that are very similar to those of humans.

DIGINTEL’s Cognitive Technology Platform can harness the data infobesity that challenges you everyday and turn it into actionable insights that make you more productive and effective. Whether you are looking to innovate new products, markets or business models, DIGINTEL’s advanced analytics can lead you to new ways of thinking about your business and your industry. By democratizing and scaling knowledge across the enterprise, new ideas can bubble up from anywhere within the enterprise. You can do all of this on DIGINTEL’s Cognitive Technology Platform.


Laggards Will Pay a Heavy Price

Cognitive computing is here – and this innovative capability is becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives and fundamentally changing how we perform our jobs, engage and interact with others, learn and make decisions. Pioneering organizations across industries and around the world are already leveraging its capabilities to realize significant business value and help solve some of society’s greatest challenges.


Data is Invisible

80% of Data is Invisible to Computers Today.



Healthcare Data is Expected to Grow by 99%.


Government & Education

Government & Education is Expected to Grow by 94%.


DIGINTEL Cognitive Technology - "Out Think Your Rivals"

What’s The Problem?

The dawning of the Cognitive Era will see early adopters emerge to overtake the more established slower moving adopters.  The cognitive era disruption will create unseen opportunities and will force the legacy competitors to  adapt or likely be highly diminished. New business and profit models, innovation, and new sources of value creation will go to those who embrace these new technologies.

THREE areas of cognitive capability are directly related to the ways people think and work.

SIX forces will determine adoption and advancement rates for cognitive computing.

FIVE key dimensions will impact the robustness of future cognitive capabilities.


The Three Capability Areas for Cognitive Systems

We see three broad areas of capability for cognitive systems. Opening new doors for innovations, these capability areas directly relate to the ways people think and work and demonstrate increasing levels of cognitive capability. Significant progress has been made across each of these capability areas, and opportunities for future evolutions of capability look promising, as they continue to gain momentum in a number of industries. It is important to note that these capabilities are not mutually exclusive. A specific business solution may in fact leverage one or more of these capability areas.

Cognitive Capabilities


Delay Adoption of Cognitive Technologies At Your Own Peril

Make Your Shift to The Cognitive Era Now

The Cognitive Era is Now


Forward thinking companies and their knowledge workers are moving to the world of advanced analytics and scaling knowledge across the enterprise.  New insights, pattern recognition, and the drive to innovative ways of thinking about their business, customers, and industry are delivering operating and financial results that eclipse the performance of their competitors.


Have You Given Your Enterprise Permission to Adopt Cognitive Technologies?

DIGINTEL's Cognitive Technology Platform provides small to large enterprise the ability to reinvent themselves for the dawning of the cognitive era by turning your data into a competitive weapon to ``out think your rivals.``

Get business insights in minutes. Spot business trends and patterns easily on your desktop or iPad with automatic data visualization and guided analysis. The analytics shortcut you need to find answers fast. Get confident, straightforward analysis. Simply bring your problem and data. We take care of the rest—including interpreting results.

Understand how your customers interact across millions of data and social media sources. Get relevant insights now, so you can make the right business decisions. Cut through the chatter and get to the really relevant data in a matter of hours. Understanding customer sentiment means you can start delivering insights to your clients that is actionable.

Working with DIGINTEL Analytics Expert Storybooks is easy; it’s like having GPS for your analysis. All you need to do is bring your data and a business problem. Expert Storybooks take care of the rest. You get a starting point in your data and are directed to visualizations and analysis specific to your business questions that reveal answers and insights quickly.

You can create your unique Business Knowledge Ecosystem  to inspire innovative ideation, solve complex problems, share your analytic insights, and leverage the expertise of your community or network while increasing engagement for your customers and stakeholders.